A herd of more than 20 escaped cows on the main road through Shrewton sparked an early morning cattle drive for some locals.

Backed up by local police, the farmer and farmworkers on foot and in vehicles, they ‘herded’ the cows back the ‘udder way’ from where they came.

South West Farmer: The escaped cows caused havoc in Shrewton's High Street. The escaped cows caused havoc in Shrewton's High Street. (Image: Freelancer)

The early morning round-up took place after 1.45am on Monday, March 27, when locals living in Shrewton’s High Street, were awoken by the herd of bellowing escapees.

A Wiltshire Police spokesperson said: "We received a call at 1.35am on March 27 from a member of public reporting approximately 20 cows in the High Street in Shrewton.

"The cows were herded back into the field along the byway by 2.30am."

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One resident, Mikyla Francis, 48, said the cows had come from a field off the A360 Devizes road at Maddington.

“The cows were making a lot of noise and were trotting up the road and over bridges into neighbours’ gardens beside their vehicles.

“I heard them clobbering into things and they were running up the road at quite a pace. It was quite frightening.

“The police were in attendance, as were the farmer and other agricultural help on a scrambler or in vehicles and on foot.

“The herd were eventually given a police escort back towards their original destination towards Maddington Ways, around 2.20am, back the udder way from where they'd come.

“There was concern from residents that vehicles had been damaged, and torch-lit inspections were carried out, seemingly showing that vehicles had had a lucky escape.

“They just need to watch out for the three-layer deep potholes in the road instead from now on.”