A herd of cows has had to be moved because of a barn fire that broke out in south Gloucestershire yesterday afternoon (Wednesday).

The barn was storing around 100 tonnes of hay and crews remain on the scene this morning (Thursday).

Just after 12pm the Avon Fire and Rescue Service reported that several crews were attending a fire on Leigh Lane in Westerleigh.

An hour later a spokesperson issued an update about the situation, saying that 14 cows had been moved to safety.

Firefighters were still tackling the fire and the fire service advised people living in the area to keep their windows closed due to the amount of smoke.

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At 2pm firefighters from Hicks Gate, Yate, Patchway, Temple and Bath were continuing to tackle the fire using three 45mm jets and one covering jet to tackle.

At 10pm the fire had been brought under control, with the fire service confirming that it had scaled down the incident.

Fire crews from Hicks Gate and Kingswood were still on scene, monitoring the site and adjoining buildings.

This morning (Thursday) a spokesperson for Avon Fire and Rescue Service confirmed that the fire had broken out in a barn storing 100 tonnes of hay and that the cows were indeed safe.

They said: "At 11:50am on Wednesday 8 February, we received multiple calls to reports of a barn fire on Leigh Lane, Westerleigh.

"On arrival, crews found a significant barn fire and began to use jets to tackle the blaze. Firefighters safely rescued 14 cows and moved them to a place of safety.

"Firefighters continued to tackle the blaze using jets throughout the day.

"Two fire engines remained on the scene throughout the night and continue to monitor approximately 100 tonnes of smouldering hay.

"We continue to have a presence at the incident to monitor the situation."