A flock of rare sheep have had an accidental makeover after rubbing their heads on red paint on their feeders - leaving them with a bright pink hair do.

Hilarious photos show a group of Swiss Valais sheep, which should have white heads and black faces, with the shock hair style, writes Izzy Hawksworth of SWNS.

Their new feeder at Cannon Hall Farm in Barnsley, South Yorkshire was painted red and the dye rubbed onto their wool every time they ate.

They have now been left with a pink hairdo, and snaps taken by staff at the farm show the sheep stood in their pen showing off their new looks.

South West Farmer: Think pinkThink pink (Image: SWNS)

Farmer Richard Nicolson said: "We've never had anything like this happen before.

“We got them a new creep feeder in a jolly red colour and suddenly started to notice their fleece turning pink as they rubbed against it to get the food.

"Somehow they've rubbed their heads against the red sheep feeder and now they've got a pink rinse basically.

"I think all of ours visitors do a double take, I don't think they expect to see pink-headed sheep in our field.

"We use markers on the wool for when they've had medicine or anything like that.

"So when I first saw them, I assumed that some of the other farmers had been marking them and they had marked their heads.

"But obviously it turned out that it was nothing to do with that, and it was to do with our new sheep feeder that we've bought."

The animals are unaffected by the accidental dye job and staff hope that either the rain will wash the colour out or it will grow out.