A pair of friends have set new British sheep shearing records in a UK first.

On September 17 the blade shearing ambassadors set a new British two stand nine hour Strong Wool Ewe Blade Shearing record. 

Elfed Jackson, a farmer and collage tutor from Snowdonia, North Wales, and friend and co-shearer Andy Wear from Fernhill Farm, Compton Martin near Bristol, were successful in their attempt of setting the new record of 330 ewes.

Elfed also claimed the single record after shearing 170 ewes in nine hours.

South West Farmer: The new recordThe new record (Image: Elfed Jackson and Andy Wear)

The pair first met over 35 years ago at a shearing show and have competed alongside each other at most shows around Britain and across the world.

Elfed is a Master Blade Shearer and has represented Wales at ten World Championships and will be competing again for the 11th time representing Wales at the Golden Shears World Shearing and Woolhandling Championships in Scotland next year.

Andy is a blade shearing ambassador and has also represented England at World Championships. 

Both the shearers are Blade Shearing Instructors for British Wool. 

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Since they are both celebrating their 60th birthdays this year, the men decided to mark the special occasion with a blade shearing record attempt – the first of its kind in Britain.

They also succeeded in raising funds and awareness for two charities, the DPJ Foundation and Farming Community Network, which both support farmers and those working in the agricultural sector.