A leading land agency is supporting sustainable farmers across the region.

England’s land market has remained robust in recent years, bolstered by different and new types of buyers entering the market.

The importance of the sustainability agenda has shone a light on land not only being an excellent financial or agricultural investment, but also a potential environmental one.

As a result of this, there is a bigger presence of green investors in the marketplace, led by the confidence that land is high in ESG value.

Chris Johnson leads the South West Estates & Farm Agency team for Strutt & Parker, based in the Exeter office. With over 10 years’ experience as a chartered surveyor working across the UK, Chris has expertise in valuation, agency and property management spanning residential, commercial and agricultural assets.

South West Farmer: Chris Johnson of Strutt & ParkerChris Johnson of Strutt & Parker (Image: Strutt & Parker)

Chris’s role brings him back to his Devonshire roots and, since joining the business a few months ago, he has been kept busy by the activity in the farmland market across the South West.

Here, Chris gives some of his thoughts on the emerging ‘green’ interest in land.

While green investors still represent a small subset of the market, this looks set to increase. Now more than ever, there are more an increasing number of applicants who wish to purchase land to be manage environmentally.

Many of these have large-scale funds and plans for expansion into rewilding, carbon sequestration or Biodiversity Net Gain.

Strutt & Parker’s Research team confirm that farmers still account for the largest share of the land and farms market.

It is clear from our conversations with clients however, that they too are looking at how they can balance productive agriculture with environmental methods that support nature and help to tackle climate change.

Farmers need to feed the nation and ensure the financial future for their farming businesses. However, they also realise the importance of decarbonising their business and the economy, as well as the opportunities environmental management can present in filling the financial gap created by the loss of BPS.

At Strutt & Parker, we want to celebrate the excellent work undertaken by British farmers and growers in their contributions to sustainability.

We are therefore proud that Chris, Head of South West Estates & Farms Agency, will be on the judging panel for the Sustainability Champion Award at the South West Farmer’s 40th Anniversary Awards 2022 and sponsoring the award.

Chris said: “I am delighted to play a role in showcasing our local farmers here in the South West, and acknowledging the special efforts being made by one worthy winner in particular towards creating a sustainable and future proof farming business.”

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