Two dogs have decimated a flock of ducks, before then attacking sheep in a different field.

A total of 69 ducks were killed by the two dogs on the Elgin farm, and 30 more were injured in the attack which tool place on Monday 9September 12).

The ducks were just three months old.

The owners of Allarburn Farm Shop are furious - and devastated.

They shared photos of the dead ducks laid on on the yard via their Facebook page, saying: "69 killed and 30 injured.

"Early this morning two dogs killed 69 ducks and left 30 injured before entering the field of sheep and attacking them.

"The barking woke everyone and these dogs can be identified but not yet found.

"Do not walk your dogs at the farm - we have had enough.

"These ducks are only three months old and were very difficult to find and to replace.

"There will be no more Allarburn Duck Eggs. There will be no more dog walkers welcome.

"We are devastated - this was a prolonged attack on these defenceless animals."

The police have been informed.