A combine harvester has been drained of 600 litres of fuel near Dorchester.

The theft took place in Maiden Newton and was reported to police on Friday (August 5).

Following this, the rural police team are reminding farmers to consider their security measures to prevent similar thefts.

They highlight the areas of visibility, access, deterrence and layers of security.

The NFU advises farmers to lock up powered machinery at night to deter fuel thieves and to use locking caps where possible.

Theft of fuel from tanks is increasing as fuel bills rocket.

Measures to deter theft recommended by the NFU include caging fuel tanks and obscuring them with fencing and shrubs.

Security lights can deter thieves, as do motion sensors and cameras.

It also recommends audio deterrents like gravel and alarms that work when the fuel level moves in the tank.

If you have any information about the theft from the combine in Maiden Newton you are asked to call Dorset Police by calling 101 and quoting occurrence 55220126321.