Crews from seven fire stations were needed to tackle a barn fire near Chippenham on Sunday night (July 31).

The fire service was called at 7.40pm with reports of a barn stacked with bales on fire at Hebden Farm off the B4040 between Luckington and Acton Turville.

South West Farmer: The fire. Picture: DWFRSThe fire. Picture: DWFRS

Crews from Chippenham, Corsham, Calne, Malmesbury and Tetbury were mobilised along with water carriers from Royal Wootton Bassett and Pewsey.

On arrival the found the hay barn well alight, putting the surrounding farm buildings and hedges at risk.

South West Farmer: Tackling the fire. Picture: Calne Fire StationTackling the fire. Picture: Calne Fire Station

Residents in the Luckington, Alderton and Sherston areas were advised to keep their doors and windows shut due to the volume of smoke and the B4040 was closed.

Access to water was a major problem but using multiple jets and hay drags, just three hours later, the stop sign was given and the fire was left to burn under the land owner's supervision.

South West Farmer: Firefighters from seven stations were needed. Picture: Chippenham Fire StationFirefighters from seven stations were needed. Picture: Chippenham Fire Station

A spokesperson from Chippenham Fire Station said on the crews' return: "Some great work done to prevent the barn and hedges nearby from catching alight with water supply a real issue."