A new grant has been launched for people who are working in, or have previously worked in, gamekeeping that have been diagnosed with a medical condition.

The Gamekeepers’ Welfare Trust (GWT) wants to support people who are or were a gamekeeper, stalker, ghillie or in an associated occupation when they or a family member is diagnosed with a disease or condition.

A spokesperson said: "This small charity with a big heart knows how hard receiving a medical diagnosis can be. There’s the emotional and physical impact of finding out you or a loved one has heart disease, stroke or cancer.

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"On top of that, there are the ripple effects through your lives that have practical and financial implications - ongoing hospital visits, time off work, dietary needs, childcare, and more."

For more information on the the GWT Support Grant call Jamie’s Helpline on 0300 1233088 or email help@thegamekeeperswelfaretrust.com.

Financial support is available from the GWT for a wide range of circumstances.

GWT was established in 1992 to support people in the gamekeeping professions and their dependants past and present. Assistance can be emotional support, counselling, employment guidance, housing help, and more.