Firefighters rushed to a farm after a milking shed went up in flames.

Emergency services were called to Craig’s Farm Dairy in Osmington yesterday (Wednesday, July 27) after a fire broke out in what was understood to be a milk storage area.

More than 30 firefighters were involved in tackling the fire.

Neighbour Jane Lock described smelling smoke before going to investigate further.

“We went to where we thought it was coming from,” said Jane. “We saw some holidaymakers who said it was actually coming from Craig’s Dairy Farm and they’d called the fire brigade. The fire service did come very quickly.

“They’re such a lovely, wonderful family I really feel for them that this has happened. They are very hardworking. This is not what any business needs right now.”

Firefighters from Weymouth, Dorchester, Wareham and water carrier from Bridport rushed to the scene just after midday.

Residents in the surrounding area were advised to close windows and doors due to smoke.

A spokesman for Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service said that due to live electrics in the roof space, they had to wait for the power company to isolate the local electricity supply so firefighters could tackle the fire.

It prompted a warning it could affect electricity supplies to the surrounding properties.

South West Farmer: The aftermath. Picture: Weymouth Fire StationThe aftermath. Picture: Weymouth Fire Station

Declan Upshall, a dairy assistant on the farm, said: “Thankfully everyone is safe and the fire service have done a good job keeping it under control.

“The barn that caught fire is used to store cow milk after it is collected; the cows are also fine as they were out in the field at the time."

'Queenie', who works in the farm’s office, said: “I was in the office when I was told that the barn had caught fire. At first I thought it was a joke until I went out and had a look. The firemen have done a good job.”

Nigel and Barbara Pankhurst, who were planning on visiting the dairy shop, said: “Good to find that no people or animals have been harmed at this local business. Although, we are disappointed to find one of our favourite tea stops closed.”

Speaking at the scene, Watch Manager Allen, said: “Crews were hampered slightly by electrical supplies, unfortunately we have had to isolate power to Osmington village to deal with the fire, and then isolate roughly 80 solar panels which were also supplying power to the barn before we could extinguish it.

"It is hard to say how much damage has been caused, but the roughly ten metre by ten metre barn, we think, has been destroyed.”