A large lorry stacked with hay bales caught fire and spread flames to cars on a Dorset main road.

Around 40 firefighters were needed to tackle the lorry fire that spread to nearby cars, fencing, trees and hedges.

South West Farmer:

The lorry fire was reported at 2.30pm on Monday (July 18) on the A35 between Winterbourne Abbas and Monkey's Jump roundabout in Dorchester.

Crews from seven fire stations were mobilised - Bridport Dorchester Fire Station, Weymouth Fire Station, Beaminster Fire Station, Maiden Newton Fire Station, Bere Regis Fire Station and water carriers from Poole Fire Station and Yeovil Fire Station.

On arriving, they found that a large lorry carrying hay bales was well alight, as was a small car. Multiple other cars were damaged by flames and surrounding hedges, trees and fencing across around 400metres were on fire.

At the height of the incident seven fire engines, around 40 firefighters, tackled the fires with hose reel jets and main lines.

A local farmer helped to remove the bales from the lorry.

South West Farmer: Picture: Dorchester Fire StationPicture: Dorchester Fire Station

Meanwhile, another neighbouring farmer sprung into action to save his fields.

Jeremy Cole of Purlands Farm, was working in his yard when he heard an explosion. Unsure of the cause, he went to his balcony to check.

“I heard another two to three explosions,” he said, “then saw a massive amount of smoke and about five trees ignited. I thought ‘oh my God, this is terrifying’. It’s been so dry and crisp it could’ve easily spread.”

Jeremy ran to the road and began to move some of the straw away from the fields. “I had to kick it onto the road as if it got onto the field it would spread,” he said.

“It was scary, but the fire service got there very quickly and brought it under control pretty fast. I just hope everyone involved was ok. This time of year can be scary as it's so dry a fire can spread."

South West Farmer:

No injuries were reported.

The road remained closed in both directions for the rest of the day to allow for recovery and repair works to the carriageway.