Police have spent the night closing down a rave that broke out on a remote moor in the north of Cornwall.

Devon and Cornwall Police put out a warning just after 2am today (Saturday) telling people not to go to the "illegal gathering" at Davidstow Moor near Camelford.

A spokesperson said the event was first reported at around 10pm on Friday.

Roads around the area were said to be "gridlocked", with limited access for emergency services.

Police officers began closing the local roads, to prevent any more people arriving.

A force spokesman said in the early hours of today: “Our concerns are both for the people in attendance and the impact on the local community.

“We are currently at the scene working with members of the public to bring about closing the event down.

“Local roads are currently gridlocked and there is limited access for emergency vehicles to attend should they be needed.

“In the interest of public safety, we are asking anyone thinking about attending the event not to do so. Especially as this is intended to be closed down shortly.

“We have also closed local roads in the area until further notice.”