Another bird of prey has been found dead in North Dorset.

Today (Friday, April 19) North Dorset Police confirmed that a dead buzzard has been found in the Ashmore area.

Although an investigation has started, the police have taken the opportunity to warn dog walkers of the dangers of poison.

On social media the police wrote: "It's not known at this stage how the bird died, but bearing in mind recent events, I would urge dog walkers out enjoying our beautiful forests and woods to keep them on a lead.

"Poison can be indiscriminate and sometimes fatal."

The "recent events" refer to the white-tailed sea eagle found dead on a shooting estate in North Dorset in late January.

It was confirmed to have seven times the amount of rat poison in its body that would be needed to kill it.

One of the rarest and largest birds of prey in the UK, this 'flying barn door' eagle was one from the reintroduction programme running on the Isle of Wight.

There has been much controversy and criticism of Dorset Police's decision to close the enquiry.

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The force said, despite the extreme levels of poison in the bird's body, they "could not confirm if any criminal offence had been committed".

At the time the RSPB said it was "baffled" at the police's reaction to what it called "an illegal act".

Just yesterday Dorset's police chiefs issued statements about the furore, saying that the force was committed to tackling rural crime and was not politicised or pressured into dropping investigations.

Following the finding of this latest dead bird of prey, North Dorset Police issued the following advice to walkers: "We would advise persons out walking that if they see a dead raptor, especially with other dead animals or suspicious matter nearby, to call us on 101.

"Do not touch it, use 'What3words' to mark the location and, if able, take a photograph."

'What3words' is a free app for mobile phones which shares an extremely precise location and is as accurate as GPS coordinates.

A multi-agency investigation into the buzzard's death has begun.