Farmers in the Bristol Avon area are being offered a new way to make money from environmental projects on their land.

By participating in the Bristol Avon Catchment Market, farmers can benefit from a secure, long-term income stream while making a meaningful contribution to nature’s recovery in the area.

It is easy to get involved.

As a first step, farmers are encouraged to visit the Bristol Avon Catchment Market website for guidance about the types of projects that will be eligible to participate in the market, and to see where nature-based projects can best support strategic environmental priorities in the region.

Farmers are then invited to express their interest in creating new woodlands, wetlands and grasslands that can provide habitat for wildlife, help improve water quality, reduce flood risk and store carbon.

The expression of interest process closes on May 8.

Workshops are planned for early May to offer further guidance and support.

The market is being delivered through a collaboration between Avon Wildlife Trust, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust and EnTrade, and has been designed by independent experts to ensure a fair deal for farmers.

For more information visit or email the Bristol Avon Catchment Market team at