A caravan and barn near Frome were destroyed in a fire believed to have been deliberately started.

Arson is suspected after the caravan and barn, which was holding about one and a half tonnes of hay, burnt out on the night of April 14.

The fire in the Newbury area was reported at 11.24pm and a pump from Radstock and one from Shepton Mallet were mobilised.

Crews found a large caravan and neighbouring barn well alight - together with two gas cannisters.


Accordingly, another fire engine was sent from Shepton Mallet and one from Paulton.

Crews moved the gas cannisters to safety and cooled them while monitoring them until they were deemed to be safe from explosion.

Firefighters wore breathing apparatus as they tackled the fire with hose reel jets, and they used gas monitors and thermal imaging cameras.

However, the caravan, the barn and the hay it was holding were completely destroyed.

The crews deemed this fire to have been started deliberately and so handed the incident over to police on the scene.