An excellent overall average was seen at a recent dairy herd dispersal sale in Somerset.

The dispersal of the Hensbridge herd of pedigree Holstein Friesian cows took was held on behalf of PB Weeks & Son of Laverton, Bath.

A strong trade was anticipated for this high yielding, closed herd bred for strength and depth.

The sale was conducted by Symonds & Sampson and joint auctioneers Cooper & Tanner at Frome Livestock Market on Wednesday, March 30.

Autumn calving and loose housing did not put buyers off, as the younger first-third lactating cows regularly made £1,600-£1,800.

Top spot went to 'Hensbridge Useful Honeybee 2', who calved in July 2021 and is in calf to 'Aristocrat' in August, selling at £2,120.

She was closely followed by 'Hensbridge Upright Jackie', also being in her first lactation and due in August, selling at £2,100.

The milking herd as a whole sold for an excellent overall average of more than £1,450 per head.


A terrific consignment of in calf heifers due in August sold for an average of £1,421, with the top two sired by Martini & Ardor each selling for £1,575.

Greg Ridout, partner and auctioneer with Symonds & Sampson extended his thanks to the Weeks family for their kind instructions to act on their behalf, and to all the team at Manor Farm for their tireless preparation in the lead up to Wednesday’s successful sale.