A Cornish dairy is looking for new farmers to supply it with milk.

Trewithen Dairy near Lostwithiel, grew last year and has plans to increase its range of dairy products.

Hence, more milk producers are needed.

The dairy says that a key factor in its success has been its strategy of using milk supplied by a dedicated group of local Cornish dairy farming families who are passionate about delivering the highest levels of milk quality, animal husbandry and welfare.

Central to this is the Trew Farming standard which became fully auditable from February 2020.

The standard includes a commitment from all Trewithen Dairy farmers to graze their cows for a minimum of 120 days per year, monitor herd health and welfare, record their carbon footprint and work collaboratively to share best practice.

In turn, Trewithen says it pays its milk producers a competitive price, on a sustainable basis, which guarantees that they receive a premium above many other south west milk buyers’ prices.

Francis Clarke, Trewithen Dairy’s managing director, said: “Moving forward, thanks to an increasing demand for our award winning dairy products from existing and new customers we will require more Cornish milk.

"As such, we are not only seeking to encourage our existing farmers to produce more, but also, looking to recruit, on a selective basis, new farmers into our milk pool - local Cornish farmers that share our values and standards and want to be part of a Cornish dairy business that is growing and ambitious for the future.

"[A dairy business] that believes in paying its farmers a sustainable milk price which guarantees a premium above a basket of other south west milk buyers’ prices and one that will provide them with strong and stable foundations for the future of their dairy farm businesses.

“We are a family with generations of dairy farming heritage who enjoy working closely with farmers and involving them in the development of the Trewithen business and brand.

"In doing so, we shorten the chain between those who consume our products and the farmers who produce the milk that goes into them, which in turn builds trust in the Trewithen brand and, we know from their feedback, gives great satisfaction to our farmers.”