A campaign has been launched to get food surplus to people who are struggling to afford to eat.

NFU Mutual is urging businesses from across the food supply chain to donate edible food waste to redistribution charity FareShare.

In the UK, around 8.4million people struggle to afford to eat while at the same time, the nation produces a yearly food surplus equivalent to 1.3billion meals.

FareShare works with food businesses to take as much of that surplus as possible and redirect it to the people who need it most.

FareShare’s Surplus with Purpose fund also offers eligible businesses a contribution towards harvesting and transport to help them cover the cost of donating.

Since 2021, the rural insurer has donated £150,000 in support of the scheme.

Dan Byrd, from B&G Nurseries, said: “We’ve been working with FareShare for three years now, it’s a really worthwhile initiative.

"They take most of our surplus crop, that would otherwise go unharvested, and direct it to those who need it most.

"Nobody should go hungry.”

Jo Lumani from NFU Mutual, said: “Our network of farmers, retailers, wholesalers and hospitality venues could make a huge difference in the fight against food poverty.

"That’s why we’re urging business owners to speak to FareShare about how they can lessen their food waste and help feed those in need.”

Shula Granville, commercial manager at FareShare, said: “In the last five years, we’ve quadrupled the amount of surplus food we redistribute.

"The food industry is becoming increasingly active against food waste and we’re delighted to be working with NFU Mutual to continue to drive that change, encouraging more businesses to do their part in the fight against food poverty.”

To book a ‘Waste Walk’ to help your business identify edible surplus food, visit fareshare.org.uk.