The father and son behind a Cornish family dairy have shared the story of their success on a podcast.

Father and son Bill and Francis Clarke, owner and second generation joint-managing director respectively of Trewithen Dairy, were recently the stars of a family business podcast called 'It Runs In The Family'.

The pair describe how the business grew from a “round the dinner table” decision, to an enterprise that employs more than 250 people.

Trewithen Dairy is based on Greymare Farm in the Glynn Valley, Lostwithiel.

Bill and Francis join Liz and Leila Willingham, for episode 25 of the podcast.

They explain how they have developed the brand and built Trewithen Dairy’s formidable reputation.

They also describe their ongoing innovation process designed to protect the land, environment and farmers with increasingly sustainable practices.

Liz said: “We learn that Trewithen is more than just a producer, but a hub where a collective community of local farmers benefit from the growing entity which is Trewithen.

"The business is at an ambitious and exciting stage, but we hear that a caring community approach is at the heart of everything they do - and that culture started from the get-go, a legacy that Francis and joint MD brother George are using as a springboard for their own next journey.”

Listeners can hear about the working relationship between Francis and George, why and how strategic decisions have been made along the way, as well as the single order that convinced Bill to continue growing the dairy business.

Increasing its international reach, the It Runs In The Family podcast has recently jumped into the Saudi Arabian charts for the first time ever, both the entrepreneurship chart at number 18 and the top business podcast chart at number 107. Aside from the UK, the It Runs In The Family podcast is attracting listeners in 42 countries including United States, Canada, Russia, Germany, France and Australia.

The episode of 'It Runs In The Family' is available to download and stream on all major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Google Podcasts.