ANTI-social drivers of 4X4 vehicles have been churning up tracks vital for the farming community, according to the police.

Ilminster Neighbourhood Policing team has received several reports of "anti-social driving" on the edge of the Somerset Levels.

They are asking people to report offenders who are blamed for destroying the droves in the Hambridge and Westport area.

Officers say the droves are now impassable.

A spokesperson for Avon and Somerset's South Somerset Neighbourhood Policing team said: "Ilminster Neighbourhood Team have recently received several reports of anti social driving in the Hambridge and Westport area.

"The reports are of 4x4 vehicles using droves for sport and by doing so are destroying the droves.

"These droves are vital for the farming community and used by many walkers.

"Many of these droves are now impassable."

Anyone who sees any anti-social driving in the area is asked to report it to police with details to 101.