Neighbours have accused Jeremy Clarkson of flouting planning conditions at his Diddly Squat farm by selling goods that contravene the conditions.

Objections have continued to flood in from angry local residents about the television presenter's ambition to expand operations at his farm, writes Tom Bevan.

Locals have stepped up the fight to block his bid for a new car park and cafe on the site with a total of 52 formal objections now lodged with the council.

Clarkson's representatives had been forced to change transport plans for the scheme to try and appease a mounting number of objectors.

But the actions haven't gone far enough for many locals with a string of new objections recently added to the application.

Among them was Maggie Jackman, of Chadlington, who wrote: "Further to my earlier objection comment I would like to add a complete lack of trust that the applicants will adhere to any planning conditions given.

"With regard to the farm shop none of the conditions given on 11th December 2020 have been adhered to and the shop is now heavily promoting through their social media platforms and selling Diddly Squat souvenirs unlikely to have been manufactured within a 16 mile radius of the shop.

"I refer to the WODC Notice of Decision, neither are souvenirs referred to in clause 7 of the document. Therefore I have no faith that any further permitted development would comply with any regulations."

Concerns were also raised that the increase in parking would make "very little impression on alleviating traffic."

In response to earlier concerns, architects in charge of the project, Courtingtons, released amended designs in the hope of garnering further local support.

The new proposals will see the creation of a one way system in and out of the facility for the proposed 70 vehicle car park, which is backed by an additional 'overflow' car park field.

The new design will also now include a separate entrance driveway, along with a bike parking space in an effort to appease locals furious at traffic problems coming in and out of the Oxfordshire village of Chadlington.

A large number of complaints surround the danger of the increased amounts of traffic - which locals say hasn't been resolved by the amended plans.

Durand Hotham added: "The greatly increased traffic in Chadlington itself is causing considerable distress, danger and nuisance with great flows of traffic, often too fast and adding noise pollution and nuisance.

"One elderly resident of Abbeyfield sheltered housing on the main artery through the village has moved to another establishment elsewhere as she no longer dared cross or use the road and pavements to even shop or catch a bus."

Clarkson's 'Diddly Squat' operation has become a local attraction to the ordinarily quiet and sleepy village after the release of the popular Amazon Prime TV show, Clarkson's Farm.

Another neighbour, Mrs D Smith said: "The proposed application assumes that the status quo is an acceptable baseline with which to make a modest amendment.

"The reality is that current visitor numbers exceed those originally specified in the planning application (based on car parking) and are already causing a problem in their own right.

"Consideration should also be given to the fact that a significant attraction for visitors to the site is the TV programme and TV personality.

"This influences how people interact with the site e.g. we regularly witness visitors slow down or stop completely on the Chipping Norton Road to take photos of the Diddly Squat sign, with little thought for other road users.

"Cars also stop further down the road towards Chadlington to capture views of the farm.

"This is both frustrating and dangerous for other road users."

Chadlington Parish Council has also responded to the application to raise a number of complaints.

A spokesperson said: "This planning application has proved to be extremely divisive within the village of Chadlington.

"There are many who hold very real concerns regarding this proposal and wish to object. However, there are also those who support this planning application."

A total of 12 people have submitted official letters in support of the application.

Among them was Jill Thompson who wrote: "In my opinion, it will totally enhance the immediate area around the existing shop, which has not only been a great success in itself but also bought in so much more custom to other local facilities and small businesses in the area.

"The separate access and exit routes onto the highway will very much improve the existing layout and the hardcore surface to the parking area will enable visitors to park in the carpark even in the bad weather. That along with the landscaping and planting will make this an even more beautiful spot to visit.

"For the local community it will also provide more local employment, the existing shop is already employing many local staff both in the shop and behind the scenes on the farm and, having a café/restaurant that is serving the produce produced both on Diddly Squat Farm as well as other local businesses will be a great asset to the area."

West Oxon Council will make a final decision on the application at a later date.