Now in its seventh year, South West Farmer Awards give the farming industry in the west country a chance to be recognised for their skill, dedication and expertise.

Three new categories have been announced for the 2022 awards - Inspirational Female Farmer of the Year, Contractor of the Year and New Entrant or Tenant Farmer of the Year.

Contractors are vital to the success of the business and we want to recognise the expertise that they bring to the farm.

Offering knowledge and excellence, the contractor makes a tangible difference to the efficiency and, ultimately, the margins that result in commercial success for the farmers they work with. Teamwork, expertise and experience are all key factors to this award.

The New Entrant/ Tenant Farmer of the Year is dedicated to the farmers who have not inherited a farm and who possibly do not even come from a farming family.

It takes a certain grit to start a farming enterprise from the ground up. Determination and resilience are vital, but vision is the key to success. This is an exciting new award that is intended to shine a light on farmers who are following a dream, carving out their business with planning, research, action and a thirst for knowledge.

In 2018 about 17 per cent of farmers were women, according to the Office of National Statistics. If this seems low, it’s still 10 per cent more than in 2008.

This new award is to showcase the success that female farmers are achieving not just to celebrate them, but to inspire and encourage others to join the agricultural world.

Whether it’s the creation of a successful business, an expertise in a particular area of farming or the positive effect they’ve had on others around them, these women are role models to all.

Supported by industry experts, the event gives local farmers, suppliers, breeders and everyone involved in the industry the recognition they deserve for their tremendous work they do.

Have you, or do you know someone who has given 100 per cent and is achieving great things? Or someone who has made a difference to the face of farming this year?

The awards categories are as follows:

  • Sheep Farmer of the Year
  • Beef Farmer of the Year
  • Dairy Farmer of the Year
  • Family-Run Farm of the Year
  • Sustainability Champion Award
  • Innovation Award
  • Inspirational Female Farmer of the Year
  • Young Farmer of the Year
  • Apprentice of the Year
  • Contractor of the Year
  • New Entrant or Tenant Farmer of the Year
  • Outstanding Achievement

The winners will be announced at a black tie awards dinner in November 2022.

For further details please call 01326 213 322.

You can nominate a farmer in the brief online form at