Farmers in the south west are being encouraged to make the most of the increase in camping.

Wild With Consent is a company that connects camper-vanners with farmers who have private sites that are off the beaten track.

Only one campervan is allowed to stay in each place per night so guests are guaranteed complete privacy - and farmers do not find their land overrun.

In return campers are expected to adhere to wild camping guidelines to maintain the ethos of ‘leave no trace’.

Guests currently pay between £25 per night up to £75 per night for a super premium site - and 80 per cent of this goes directly to the landowner.

Wild With Consent has proved successful in Northumberland and is now wishing to expand into the south west.

Founder Grace Fell said: “We are very excited about expanding our portfolio to include some other parts of the UK.

"All sites will be handpicked for their privacy and wilderness, and will have to meet the high standards of our existing locations.

"Each and every new location needs to be just as wild and beautiful as our Northumberland sites.”

Sites can only be used for 28 days per year, as the company wishes to ensure that locations remain unchanged and the wilderness left wild.

Wild with Consent's leave no trace wild camping guidelines are as follows:

• Take all rubbish away with you

• Leave the site as you found it

• No fires

• Respect the wildlife and natural environment

• Use the toilet facilities in the campervan

For more information, visit the Wild With Consent website.