The Met Office has issued a severe weather warning for wind across the south west for Friday and Saturday - with potentially disruptive gales.

The warning comes as a low-pressure system brings strong winds from the early hours of Friday morning.

The north and north westerly winds are forecast to gust across the region at up to 48 miles an hour on Friday, increasing to 63 miles an hour during the early hours of Saturday morning.

Met Office principal meteorologist Dan Suri said, “Storm Arwen is associated with a deep low pressure system that will impact the northeast in particular from Friday, but will also bring wider impacts to the UK with high winds, rain and some snow probable over the high ground. 

“Storm Arwen’s impacts are mainly associated with high winds as the storm sinks southwards and will widely bring gusts of up to 65mph in coastal areas, although slightly stronger in the northeast, with in excess of 75mph possible in exposed locations.” 

In a marked change from autumn so far, temperatures will be below average, with daytime temperatures in single figures for most and overnight frosts possible.

Rural insurer NFU Mutual is urging people to prepare for the high winds in a bid to limit damage.

Jon Bird, property claims manager, said: “Strong winds in rural areas can cause significant damage as farms and homes are often situated on higher or exposed ground which are less protected by other buildings.

“At times like these, there’s often a strong urge to go out in gales to try and do emergency repairs to roofs, gutters, or other parts of your property.

“It’s vital people pay regard to the conditions and don’t put themselves and emergency services at risk by attempting anything dangerous."