Government's plans to change trailer test requirements have stalled - leaving farmers unable to take a test at all.

To increase HGV driving test capacity in light of the HGV driver shortage, the government had intended to alter regulations from November 15 to allow for those who passed their driving test after January 1, 1997 to tow a trailer without passing a B+E category test first.

However, the plans failed to complete the required parliamentary process.

No date has been given as to when that is likely to happen.

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In a double whammy, there is currently no procedure for those looking to take the test to do so.

That means that if you do not hold the B+E category licence, you cannot tow - and there is no way of passing a test at this time.

New regulations are expected to be re-laid shortly but NFU Scotland is calling for urgent clarity.

NFU Scotland's transport adviser, Jamie Smart said: "We want the issue of licencing to tow a trailer sorted out now.

"Government must recognise the problems it has created for those who need to tow but do not have the +E qualification and cannot sit a test to get it.

"They have been left in limbo.

"There is no indication of when and if an automatic entitlement system is going to be enacted so we need to know a timescale for when the changes to legislation are going to come into force.

"Additionally, many of the companies who previously offered trailer training are not offering any courses as they were expecting the new legislation to come into force.

"This is a mess that government must address immediately."