Fire crews from two Cornish stations were called into action yesterday (November 9) after a 26-tonne loader caught fire.

One appliance from St Dennis Community Fire Station and two from St Austell Community Fire Station attended the scene where they found the vehicle in flames.

The incident took place near atKernick Dam Treviscoe, just south of St Dennis.

South West Farmer: The vehicle weighed approximately 26 tonnesThe vehicle weighed approximately 26 tonnes

The crews used hose-reel jets and foam to fight the blaze and eventually extinguished it.

The loader fire came with additional risks to the crews due to its capacity to carry very large volumes of fuel, up to 800 litres, as well as having pressurised systems, moving parts and large tyres as well as oil lines and hydraulic fluid.

South West Farmer: Crews fighting the fireCrews fighting the fire

In an update on its social media page, a spokesperson for St Dennis Community Fire Station said: "Yesterday morning at approximately 09:30am an appliance from St. Dennis & two appliances from St Austell Community Fire Station responded to a vehicle fire.

"On arrival a 26-tonne loader near Trevisoce was found.

"BA crews with hose-reel jets & foam were used to extinguish the fire.

South West Farmer: Crews extinguished the blaze with hose reels and foamCrews extinguished the blaze with hose reels and foam

"Dealing with any vehicle fire has enough hazards but dealing with a vehicle of this size has its own additional hazards such as large volumes of diesel (800 litres), pressurised systems, hydraulic fluid, oil lines, moving parts, the size of the tyres etc.

"We would like to thank the Imerys/ Goonvean for their co-ordination."

The fire was confirmed to have been accidental.