Thieves have stolen another expensive tractor GPS system from a farm in Dorset.

The Trimble 750 Global Positioning System (GPS) was stolen from a tractor on a farm in the Bere Regis area.

Dorset Police are calling on farmers to be aware of this particular type of theft, which is on the rise.

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Officers are advising farmers to install smart intruder alarms. These connect to a mobile phone so that the farmer is alerted as soon as an intruder breaks into a barn.

The police also recommend that farmers consider Datatag GPS marking systems.

Certainly, where possible, electronic kit should be removed and locked away.

Last month a Lithuanian organised crime gang was found to have stolen 80 GPS devices and 23 were stolen from UK farms.

This comes at a time when Wiltshire and Dorset farms are being hit especially hard by thieves looking to steal such equipment.