Eight teams of firefighters tackled a barn fire on a Dorset farm for more than seven hours yesterday (Tuesday, November 2).

At 9.29am fire control received reports of a barn on fire neat Thorncombe.

On arrival, the crews Axminster, Chard, Charmouth and Yeovil found a barn approximately 20 metres x 30 metres large on fire, along with around 60 straw bales.

The fire was significant enough that another crew was called from Lyme Regis.

Firefighters worked with 45mm attack jets and sectorised the fire.

Two more crews were called to assist and these came from Crewkerne and Colyton.

Steady progress was made knocking back the fire and preventing it spreading further by using breathing apparatus, a ground monitor and jets.

South West Farmer: The straw bales burning. Picture: Axminster Fire StationThe straw bales burning. Picture: Axminster Fire Station

Due to the farm's rural location and lack of water supply, a second water carrier was called, which came from Bridport.

The farmer used his telehandler to remove the straw bales from the barn into the open air.

After extinguishing the fire and checking the straw, the barn was ventilated with a positive pressure fan.

Although the fire completely destroyed the contents of the barn, the barn itself only suffered damage to four plastic skylights.

Crews left the scene shortly before 5pm with the farmer left to watch over the straw, but a team visited again in the evening to make sure that there were no hotspots.

The cause of the fire is believed to have been accidental.