Depth and quality of breeding were the order of the day at a recent dairy cattle sale.

The Hoops Retirement Sale at Holsworthy Livestock Market on Sunday (October 24) was held on behalf of the Ley family of Sutcombe.

There were 269 Classified and CIS Recorded Holstein Friesians from the pedigree ‘Hoops’ herd established in 1948.

Overall top call of the sale was £3,255 which was achieved for an outstanding second calving cow ‘Hoops Bill Anna VG87’ and went home with Rhys Griffiths who farms on the edge of Pembrokeshire in Wales.

Nine animals exceeded the £2000 bracket with particular interest for the fresh milk animals.

Speaking after the sale Kivells director and auctioneer Mark Bromell said: “The sale included a significant number of spring calvers and it was pleasing to see the spring calving trade life with buyers recognising the depth and quality of the breeding.”

Today, Kivells have another high interest sale at Holsworthy which includes a special consignment of 50 Holstein dairy cattle travelling up from Bodmin and being sold on behalf of Messrs P and S Harris Ltd of the Racewood Herd.