What makes you buy a vehicle? Is it price? Or equipment level? Or maybe it’s just the brand?

If it is the latter then why choose on brand, writes Chris Johnson.

Perhaps you have a great rapport with the dealer, maybe you’ve always bought that brand or maybe, just maybe you are a brand snob and buy for credibility and a pat on your back from family and friends and that bloke down the market you see once a year at the tup sale.

So, if you could get a vehicle that was as good, if not better than similar cars made in the same manufacturing group why would you not consider one?

The Skoda Superb SE L Estate as tested was £36,165 and for that sum you get the smooth 2.0 TDI 150ps engine married to the 7-speed DSG gearbox, in a metallic colour, awesome MPG with a combined of 54.3-48.7mpg (stated),18 inch alloys, tow bar, tons of safety features such as lane assist and blind spot detection and even wireless phone charging.

Just in case that is not sufficient, the car comes with a neat umbrella which sits sweetly in the driver's door and was found by my young son.

The car is nothing more than cavernous in the rear and, with the addition of rear backrest release from the boot area, accessing this area is a doddle.

There is plenty of room for the family and a couple of dogs or a few bags of animal feed.

The seat position is perfect with lots of adjustment possible and all the instrument controls and tech is easy to access and, more importantly, very easy to operate.

On the road the Superb is well…obviously Superb.

The styling is perfect and more in scale than its predecessor.

The handling is responsive and reassuring and acceleration smooth and dependable whether stretching its legs on the motorway or twisting along country lanes.

It’s also worth noting that many items on the Skoda are shared with other more expensive brands within the group, which further establishes the car's credentials as being a very affordable vehicle with quality components and big brand reliability.

So, should you buy one? Well yes, of course you should, they are really very good indeed.

With the money saved on buying something else with the same level of specification you’d easily pay for a few holidays, a new log fired hot tub and a pizza oven and that would definitely impress your neighbours!


  • Price
  • Trim level and tech
  • Umbrella in the door!


  • Stereotype
  • What to spend your purchase savings on

Chris Johnson