The special guest for the South West Area Young Farmers' Clubs Weekend has been announced.

The weekend takes place between March 4-6 next year in Weston-super-Mare - and on the Saturday night BBC Radio One DJ Chris Stark is taking central stage.

Back in 2017 South West Farmer interviewed Chris about his affinity with young farmers after he was made an ambassador for Young Farmers' Clubs (YFC).

Chris grew up in Watford and today interviews A-listed celebrities, but DJing young farmers' parties has prompted him to consider the mental health challenges that the agricultural youth can face.

Chris explained how he first encountered the YFCs: "I honestly knew nothing about YFCs until I started at BBC Radio One and began receiving messages from a lot of young farmers showing me a lot of support.

"It wasn't until I turned up to DJ my first young farmers' gig that I got to see how fun, lively and enthusiastic everyone was.

"After that first time driving to a completely random field for a massive party I felt I wanted to learn more and since then I've been sold."

Spending more time with the younger members of the agricultural community has made Chris aware of the lesser reported side of living and working in lesser populated areas.

He said: "I would love to get involved more in looking at the mental health related issues that many young people experience as part of their job and lifestyle.

"Being a young farmer for many people can be quite isolating.

"I love the community, party side and DJing for thousands of young farmers throughout many events, but I'd like to look to help promote honest discussions and perhaps highlight young farmers' stories that may be slightly more hidden away for whatever reason.

"I've no doubt at all there are many young farmers that might not want to get involved in partying or that side of being a young farmer, but many enjoy our radio show and I feel I have a duty to try help those people out as much as I can."

Recognising the difference between his urban upbringing in Watford and the rural life of others, Chris said: "I think I was just intrigued how many young farmers there are and the important role they play in our society.

"Being from a city, I had been quite ignorant to many things in this regard.

"I like supporting young farmers the same way they have massively supported me in getting to where I'm at at BBC Radio One today. I like to think it's a two way thing.

"I’m proud to be an ambassador for YFC as they offer a social life, an opportunity to learn new skills and a place to achieve great things!”