A farm campsite is planning to double the number of days it can welcome holidaymakers - prompting a flurry of concerns from councillors and residents.

An application has been submitted by Peter Broatch, director of Eweleaze Farm, Osmington, for permission to increase the number of days the campsite can host guests from 28 days a year to 56 days a year, from July 10 until September 3. The application would cover two seasons and expire in October 2024.

The decision rests with Dorset Council but has been discussed by both Osmington Parish Council and Weymouth Town Council who will put forward their recommendations to Dorset Council.

Osmington Parish Council voted to object to the application for reasons including the visual impact additional campers will have on the landscape, fire safety worries and traffic concerns.

South West Farmer: Eweleaze Farm Picture: Eweleaze FarmEweleaze Farm Picture: Eweleaze Farm

Councillors also expressed concerns that to extend the number of days to 56 from 28 - which is a government prescribed number allowing anyone with sufficient space and facilities to open a campsite for 28 days without requiring planning permission - would be 'inappropriate'.

A spokesman for the parish council said: "There is a detrimental visual impact on this open landscape in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) with substantial damage to the land and no time to recover.

"The access track is unsuitable for the volume of vehicles created by the campsite. There are frequent queues at the top of Osmington Hill. There are five stated passing places. If the first passing place is full, there is no way past to access additional passing places. Concern raised regarding emergency services access to the site.

South West Farmer: Eweleaze Farm Picture: Eweleaze FarmEweleaze Farm Picture: Eweleaze Farm

"The impact on the area is residual. The burnt grass from open fires can be seen on this land.

"Further information on the disposal of sewage at the campsite is required. Further information on fire safety is required.

"The 28 day national policy is prescribed for a specific reason and it is felt that a change of use for this sensitive landscape is inappropriate."

In contrast, Weymouth Town Council unanimously voted to support the application at a meeting of the planning and licensing committee on Tuesday evening.

At the meeting, Councillor Jan Bergman said: "I support the application. It allows well-behaved families and you don't get many thugs on the site.

"It is nice for people to enjoy the Dorset countryside."

People can comment on the planning application until October 4. To comment, visit the Dorset Council website.