Farmers in devon are invited to apply for grants to support biodiversity on their land.

The Tarka Country Trust's new Biodiversity Awards come as a package which includes a grant of up to £1,000 and support from a trustee of the charity to carry out projects to help local wildlife.

There are four awards of £500 and one of £1,000.

The grants cover three themes:

  • Addressing the loss of localised biodiversity
  • Reversing the decline of Devon primrose in our hedgerows and byways
  • Commemorating ash trees in local communities by creating a visual record or artwork to inform and educate of their past importance in the local environment

The Trust would be pleased to receive applications from

  • Owners of land, which is of poor value in terms of biodiversity which would benefit from improvement
  • Groups working together to improve biodiversity within the local area
  • Individuals who want to to improve the quantity and diversity of local wildlife

Under the Devon Primrose project each successful application will receive a batch of plug plants to be planted in their locality at the appropriate time.

For commemorating the presence of the Ash tree there are two awards of £500.

The deadline for these applications is November 30, 2021.

For more information and to apply visit