A WOMAN was hit in the chest with shrapnel after a group of people fired at geese in a ‘cruel’ shooting in a Weymouth field.

Police officers were called to Fleet Road in Chickerell to investigate reports of geese being shot in the area.

A group of people were found by police officers in a field and given 'words of advice'. A Dorset Police spokeswoman said a woman was hit in the chest with shrapnel and sustained bruising to her chest.

The incident, which took place at around 7.14pm on Friday, September 3, is continuing to be investigated by Dorset Police’s firearms licensing team, the force has said.

'There were loads of geese dead. It was just horrible.'

South West Farmer: Geese flying in the area as captured on video. Picture: SubmittedGeese flying in the area as captured on video. Picture: Submitted

Residents in the area have spoken of their shock at the incident, which one witness said had seen a number of geese killed.

One woman, who asked not to be named, reported the shooting to the police after hearing ‘loud bangs’ and feeling ‘horrified’ at the cries of shot geese falling from the sky.

She said: “We heard the geese flying over as they do at this time of the year, but we kept hearing gunshots.

“Every time geese were coming over, there would be gunshots. I heard the sounds of geese in distress and I could sees someone shooting at them in a field nearby.

“Straight under the flight path, they were shooting a lot of geese down.

“I called the police and I went to see where they were. They were in a field opposite Chickerell Road.”

South West Farmer: Gunshots were heard all around the area as a group of people shot at geeseGunshots were heard all around the area as a group of people shot at geese

The resident approached and challenged the group, and claimed they were ‘shouting and abusive’ towards her.

“I told the police about it and that was the end of it as far as I am aware. They haven’t been back since”, she added.

She described the shooting as 'cruel' and said that the bodies of dead geese were left in the neighbouring fields and not collected by the group.

She said: “It was horrible. To see them under their flight path just shooting them and the geese were just dropping.

“There were loads of geese dead. It was just horrible.”

Woman sustains bruising to her chest after being hit by shrapnel 

South West Farmer: Land off Fleet Road, Chickerell.Land off Fleet Road, Chickerell.

Upon hearing a woman was injured, she added: "That’s awful. It’s very worrying and I hope the woman is OK."

Councillor Jean Dunseith, who represents the area for Dorset Council and lives on Chickerell Road, heard 'bangs and noises' but wasn't aware it was a shooting.

Upon hearing the circumstances of the shooting, she said: “People with guns need to be very careful where they pointing them and when pulling the trigger. I am sad to hear of the geese being shot.

“I am sorry to hear a woman has been injured and I wish her well.”

Investigations ongoing following geese shooting and injury 

South West Farmer: Dorset Police were called to a report of geese being shot off Fleet Road, Chickerell near Weymouth. Picture: Dorset Echo

A spokeswoman for Dorset Police said: “Dorset Police received a report at 7.14pm on Friday, September 3 of geese being shot in Fleet Road in Weymouth.

“During the incident, it is reported that a woman was hit in the chest with shrapnel. She sustained bruising.

“Officers attended and located a group of people in a field and they were given words of advice.

“The incident has been investigated by local officers and the matter has been referred to the firearms licensing team.”