A tractor caught fire in a field of crops in Amesbury this afternoon - but happily, disaster was averted.

At 2.41pm this afternoon (Thursday, August 12) fire crews from Amesbury, Pewsey and Andover were called to reports of a tractor on fire in a field of Countess Road.

The Amesbury crew reached the scene first - and they were pleased to find that the fire was already out, and the crops untouched.

A spokesperson from Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Control said: "The crew from Amesbury Fire Station were able to deal with the incident promptly avoiding escalation and allowing other responding fire crews to be made available."

Amesbury shared this photo on Facebook, together with their upbeat description:

"Two shouts so far today at Amesbury.

"First we popped across the border to assist our colleagues from Andover Fire Station with a small fire on a small holding.

"Second shout, called out to Countess Road in Amesbury. Reports of a tractor fire surrounded by crops which was luckily out on arrival.

"Luckily, our driver judged ground conditions correctly and we easily made it out the field… could have been A LOT of cakes!"