A raft and a boat were needed to a rescue huge cow from the River Avon on Saturday (July 31).

The 800kg cow was trapped up to its haunches in the river by high and steep banks between Keynsham and Willsbridge, downstream of the Lock Keeper public house.

South West Farmer:

Water and large animal specialists from Bath and Bedminster worked together using a raft, a boat and rope.

A spokesperson for Bedminster Fire Station shared these photos on social media, saying: "Another week, another cow!

"Today, we rescued 800kg of prime cattle from the River Avon.

"Water and large animal specialists from #Bedminster and @AFRSBath successfully returned the animal to its family in a field nearby using raft and boat."

South West Farmer:

The animal and water rescue units at Bath and Bedminster fire stations carry specialist equipment including inflatable rescue paths, mud lances, animal rescue strops and harnesses, and a winch.

Avon Fire and Rescue Service station manager, Rob Seaman, said: “We have been called upon to deal with a number of incidents where people or animals are trapped in water.

"These vehicles ensure we can respond to incidents of this nature quickly, with the correct equipment and without putting the lives of those involved and our own staff in further jeopardy.”