This is the moment a Somerset farmer proposed to his girlfriend - on the side of two cows, writes Ollie Buckley.

Lewis White, 24, popped the big question to Emily Francis using spray paint on two of his herd.

Lewis painted “will you'' on cow Karen and ''marry me?” on cow Sue at his farm in Alford, near Castle Cary in Somerset.

He woke Emily up at 6.30am and took her to the field where she saw the message on the cows - then he dropped to one knee with a ring.

South West Farmer:

The engagement ring he presented to Emily has also been handed down through his family which has owned the farm for generations.

He enlisted the help of Louise Davis, of Honour Bespoke Jewellery to make the ring ready for a special moment.

Lewis and Emily, 20, live together on his family farm – after meeting during lockdown.

Emily, who was a hairdresser when the first coronavirus lockdown hit, has also fallen for Lewis' lifestyle, and is now training to be a calf rearer.

Her affection for the cows they manage together inspired Lewis to recruit them to help with the proposal on July 31.

Lewis got his mate Anthony to help spray the romantic question onto two cows.

South West Farmer:

Lewis said: “I got the ring set up eight weeks ago but had the idea for the cows a month before.

“I thought it would the right way to do it.

“We bought the cows together at the start of lockdown and reared them together.

“The plan was to write each word on one cow, but it didn’t quite go to plan as the little sods didn’t want to stand still.

“So, we just did it on two. I woke up 6am in the morning - I was out in the pub the night before so wasn’t best idea.

“I got my friend down and he put them in headlock while I sprayed them with chalk spray.”

On Emily’s reaction, Lewis said: “I gave her a call at 6:30am. She didn’t know what was going on!

“She came out half asleep still in her pyjamas.

“But when she realised, she welled up, although she was half asleep so wasn’t quite sure what was going on.”

Lewis says the couple are yet to set a date, although they’ll likely wait two years before the occasion.

On Emily’s newfound love for farming, he added: “She absolutely loves it – she loves it to the core.

“She’s been in and around farms but never been interested but I brought her along and she fell in love with it.

“She loves cows, all of it. It’s long and unsociable hours so it’s quite nice she’s more than willing to get stuck in with me.”