Sheep on Exmoor have been killed by dogs in two more attacks.

In one of the attacks, a ewe was so badly injured that she had to be euthanised.

Minehead and West Somerset Neighbourhood Policing shared the news yesterday (July 14).

A spokesperson said: "We have received two separate reports of sheep worrying on Exmoor - one where the sheep were killed and another which meant the ewe had to be put to sleep due to its injuries.

"This is believed to be due to dog attacks.

"Please can I remind you to please walk your dogs on leads and be careful for dogs not to roam about unaccompanied."

There has been a shocking rise in the cost of dog attacks on farm animals - 50 per cent more in just the first quarter of this year.

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NFU Mutual recently released alarming statistics that show numbers started to rise sharply last year when farm animals worth an estimated £1.3million were attacked by dogs – a rise of more than 10 per cent on 2019.

A surge in lockdown pets and countryside visits, along with a lack of awareness about how dogs will behave around farm animals, are believed to be driving the rise.