A farmer reckons she has the world's smallest cow - this adorable fully grown mini beast which is only 20 inches tall, writes Fiona Jackson.

Rani the 23-month-old is so small she has to wear a bell so her owners can find her when she hides.

At just 26 inches (66 cm) long and weighing just 57lbs (26 kg) she is half the size of her pasture mates, who are a smaller-than-usual breed anyway.

Thousands of people have flocked to the farm near Dhaka in Bangladesh where the Bhutti - or Bhutanese - cow lives.

Usually prized for its meat, farm CEO Kazi Sufian said she will escape the chop thanks to her little legs.

The owners at Shikor Agro farm in Charigram claim she is 10cm shorter than the current world record holder.

Guinness World Records has listed Manikyam, a 61cm Vechur cow from Kerala, India, as officially the world's smallest, since June 2014.

Record officials have been in touch with Rami's owners and will officiate on whether she can have the title in the coming months.

Kazi said: "These breeds of cattle are pretty small and do not grow more than 80 kg.

"She may gain a few more kilograms - max up to 30 kg - according to our veterinary doctor.

"She's pretty healthy, she doesn't have any heath issues, and she's doing fantastic.

"Trust me, she can run faster than our rabbits!

"Considering her small size we have installed a ring bell on her neck so that we can locate her wherever she is hiding herself.

"Otherwise it's pretty difficult to locate her, so now she can roam around pretty freely."