A community group is looking for farmers that may have an occasional glut of produce that they could donate to Foodbanks across Cornwall.

The Cornwall Gleaning Network supports a range of families and individuals who are struggling, financially or physically.

These include people reliant on Foodbanks, women's refuge centres, the elderly and the community kitchens.

The organisation has a network of fully trained and insured coordinators and volunteers who can harvest or collect produce directly from the farmers and distribute it to those in need.

While already in receipt of brassicas, including cabbages, sprouts, broccoli and courgettes, from Riviera Produce, the group really needs potatoes and other fruit and vegetables.

They are hoping that farmers who have a glut, who have wonky produce or have more than they can harvest will contribute.

Farmers wishing to contribute should call Holly Whitelaw on 07747 436791 or email her on gleaningcornwall@gmail.com.