Following an accident, a farmer was reported for failing to secure a load on Monday (July 5).

The farmer had used three out of date ratchet straps to secure a shipping container on a trailer that he was towing with a Land Rover.

The container fell off the trailer on the inside lane of the A38 near Drum Bridges, resulting in a lane closure.

Devon and Cornwall Roads Policing Team came across the scene in an unmarked police car.

They said that when asked about the ratchet straps, the farmer was "convinced that's enough to make it safe".

The farmer was reported for the offence.

The team shared the incident on Twitter:

Under Section 40A Road Traffic Act 1898 it is an offence to use a vehicle or trailer on a road if it involves a danger of injury to any person.

This includes any situations where the weight, position or distribution of a load, or how it is secured, involves this danger.

The offence can be committed not only by the driver but by anyone who causes or permits this, for example, the business.