A Dorset farmer is encouraging others farmers to sign a petition for a new law that would mean all dogs would have to be on leads when around livestock.

'Gladis's Law' is being proposed by Cameron Farquharson who farms Eggardon Hill near Dorchester.

Gladis is the name of his pregnant Highland cow who was tragically chased to her death by dogs.

Her full-term unborn calf also died.

The tragedy took place on the evening of May 27.

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On the 'Gladis's Law' website, Cameron writes: "Our beautiful highland cow called Gladis was killed recently on Eggardon Hill, when some people recklessly allowed their dogs (reportedly labradors) to chase her to death, killing both her and her full term unborn calf.

"Had I been informed at the time, Gladis would not have possibly languished all night in serious injury, pain and distress and we might have been able to save her and her unborn calf.

"This cannot happen again.

"There are too many incidents of dog attacks on livestock, causing financial, and mental heartbreak to the farmers."

To sign the petition visit gladis-law.com.