Plans to build up to 36 homes on a farm in Gloucestershire have been given the go-ahead. 

Mr and Mrs Weeks had been given planning permission to build the homes at Netherend Farm in Woolaston near Lydney earlier this year.  

Their proposals include demolishing the existing farmhouse and other farm buildings and creating a new road to access the 2.9-acre site.   

The plans which include a mixture of two to four bed houses to be sold on the open market and one to four bed affordable homes had been approved in February.

But council officers brought the application back to the committee on June 8 because there had been a change in the amount of financial contribution that was needed to go towards schools in the area.  

An appeal was granted elsewhere in the county last week brought into question how Gloucestershire County Council calculates their education contributions. 

Officers said that as a result of this appeal the county council is not requesting contribution to early years or primary education. 

For secondary education, the catchment area has been reconsidered and widened and now includes Dean Academy in Lydney. 

The council now requests £152,000 for five years for education and that would mean the sum for affordable housing would increase to £198,611.84. 

The committee agreed to give delegated permission. 

This is subject to the completion of an agreement for a contribution of £7,056 for libraries, £225 per home for offsite recreational disturbance cancelling measures, and £350,611.84 for education and affordable housing in the district. 

A duplicate condition regarding a bat house was also removed from the new planning permission.