A tractor was completely destroyed by fire in a Devon lane in the early hours of this morning (Thursday, June 10) and it resulted in a fuel spill into nearby ponds.

At 5.12 this morning fire crews were called by the driver of the tractor on fire at Bickington Cross in Molland, near South Molton.

A fire engine was sent from South Molton and another engine and the water carrier from Barnstaple.

South West Farmer: The burnt out tractor. Picture: South Molton Fire StationThe burnt out tractor. Picture: South Molton Fire Station

Arriving at the scene, crews confirmed that the tractor was well alight on the country lane.

They also confirmed that 300 litres of diesel had escaped, flowing down a drain that leads to a nearby water course and a series of ponds.

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Fire fighters tackled the fire and used environmental packs to manage the diesel spill.

They succeeded in stemming the fuel at the first pond and managed to contain the excess fuel.

Two hours later, at 7.12am, the fire was confirmed to be under control.

The tractor was 100 per cent destroyed and left in the care of the owner to await recovery.

Equipment was left in place to soak the diesel up and the Environment Agency has been informed of the fuel spill.