A Highland cow and her unborn calf have been chased to their death by dogs in a Dorset field.

Gladis was pregnant and her calf was full term.

She was chased by dogs, reportedly labradors, on Eggardon Hill, near Dorchester, on the evening of Thursday, May 27.

Gladys after the tragedy

Gladis after the tragedy

The owner, Cameron Farquharson, shared the tragic news on Facebook.

He said: "Our beautiful highland cow called Gladis was killed yesterday evening on Eggardon Hill when some people recklessly allowed their dogs (reportedly labradors) to chase her to death killing both her and her full term unborn calf.

"Had I the farmer been informed at the time, Gladis would not have possibly languished all night in serious injury, pain and distress and we might have been able to save her and her unborn calf.

"These native breeds are imperative for grazing Eggardon to encourage nesting birds and rare flowering plants to thrive.

"We are begging people to please, please, please adhere to the notice on the gate and KEEP YOUR DOGS ON A LEAD!

"We cannot afford in financial terms and for mine and my children’s mental well-being to continuously deal with these distressing losses."

His impassioned post went viral and he received huge support from people through comments on the post.

The family thanked wellwishers and also shared some happier news - a new calf was born on the farm the following morning.

Good news following the tragedy, the proud mother and calf

Good news following the tragedy, the proud mother and calf

They said: "As a family we have all greatly appreciated the time you have taken to write the kind comments about our little hairy highland coo Gladys.

"We are all devastated about the death, however there was a very welcome surprise of a new calf born early this morning which brought a huge grin to dad's face!

"Thank you again for being so considerate.

"Please remember that dog worrying is not normal - let’s not become complacent with it."