One of the leading Holstein breeders in the world is putting 120 of their pedigree herd up for sale.

The Willsbro spring sale is to take place on Monday, June 7 from 11am at Exeter Livestock Centre.

Many of the sires represented, from Pawton Dairy, near Wadebridge, have been carefully chosen over the years with a combination of genomic and proven sires, with deep pedigrees that have been closely developed for the last 16 years.

With impressive infrastructure designed to maximise cow comfort and production and minimise disease risk, the dairy has found great success.

Currently the herd is averaging 43 litres per cow, and the Wills family remain passionate about breeding for production persistency and performance.

Commenting on this year’s sale, the family said that in their minds, this group of Holsteins are by far the best group that they have assembled to date.

It is a rare opportunity to purchase this exceptional breed.

Glyn Lucas, auctioneer at Harrison & Hetherington, said: “Opportunities like this are rare in the Holstein world and we are glad we can now share such a unique pedigree with you at this special event.

"There is no other sale in Europe where you can select Holstein cattle with such impressive pedigrees, outstanding classifications, massive production, high genomics and with style that can win shows.

“Almost 1,500 cows are milked at Pawton Dairy and the production is phenomenal.

"Together with Kivells, we all look forward to welcoming you to Exeter on the June 7 for what is sure to be an incredible spring sale.

"It will also be exciting to hear your personal success stories from your Willsbro purchases in the near future.”