A pregnant cow that was "too inquisitive for its own good" became stuck under a gate yesterday afternoon (May 28) - and needed a helping hand.

The Fleckvieh cross cow got its neck stuck under a gate in a field on the Melbury Beacon on the North Dorset Downs.

The fire service was called at 5.49pm and a crew from Shaftesbury Fire Station were sent.

Once on scene, they called for a second crew as they needed the off road vehicle.

However, a team from Gourds Farm in Compton Abbas were the heroes of the day, managing to release the large cow.

A spokesperson for Shaftesbury Fire Station said: "A cow on Melbury Beacon found itself too inquisitive for its own good and got its neck stuck under a gate.

"The crew from Gourds Farm in Compton Abbas were there just a bit quicker than Shaftesbury Fire Station and released the pregnant Fleckvieh cross.

"Thanks a lot to Clare who found the cow and raised the alarm."

The Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Control added: "A crew from @FireShaftesbury responded to reports of an injured cow stuck underneath a gate.

"When on scene the crew requested their second appliance for its off road capability, however, due to a swift release of the cow the second crew was not required."