Sheep farmers are being encouraged to deliver their wool to British Wool this year - and onward carriage fees have been abolished.

British Wool have announced that they are removing the fees in order to support producers.

They also admit that the move comes from farmers last year choosing to hold onto their wool.

Andrew Hogley, CEO said: “Throughout the pandemic British Wool’s depots and collection sites remain open in a Covid secure manner and we continue to accept all types of wool from all producers, a principal which lies at the core of our cooperative ethos.

"Abolishing the onward carriage fees for approved collection site demonstrates our commitment at British Wool in delivering a high level of service and also enhancing our service offer to producers."

“A small number of producers chose to hold on to their wool last year.

"This meant we handled less wool which had a negative impact on our operating cost per kilo.

"The more wool we handle the more cost effective our operations become which in turn allows us to return more value to all producers.

"With this in mind please encourage your colleagues in the farming community to support British Wool and deliver their wool this year.”

“The restructuring programme announced earlier in the year is nearly complete – this will have no negative impact on the service we offer producers and we have opened a number of new collection sites this season.

"British Wool’s shearing courses are also resuming this year. We see this as an essential part of the support we provide for our industry.”

Producers will be communicated with directly on any changes to the drop off arrangements in their local area.

Details on producer payments and the 2021 Producer Information & Wool Values Booklet will go ‘live’ on the British Wool website on Friday, May 14.