The hunt is on for a man who chased bulls, cows and their calves around a field near Dorchester last night (April 28).

At around 7.30pm PCSO Donnison was alerted to a report of a male running around a cattle field near the village hall in Crossways.

It was reported that a male got into the field and then chased the cattle.

While he was doing that, another man was watching from the other side of the fence.

Dorchester Police are keen to find the man.

A spokesperson said: "This is an extremely dangerous act at anytime but especially when there are young calves with their parents.

"The person was at great risk of being trampled by the cows, which could have resulted in serious or even fatal injuries."

As if this wasn't enough, they went on to point out that, since the field is privately owned and does not have public access, the man was also trespassing.

Finally, they add that the man was risking the lives and health of the cattle.

"Irresponsible behaviour like this could cause serious or fatal injury to the cattle, if they were scared.

"They could have ran through fences and got out onto the road with potential for injury to themselves or other road users.

"PCSO Donnison would like to identify the males so that there is not a repeat of this.

"Next time they may not be so lucky."

Anyone with any information about who this man could be is asked to contact Dorset Police by calling 101 and quoting Occurrence 55210066767.