Devizes MP Danny Kruger is demanding tougher laws to combat the rise in hare coursing, after sharing images of dead hares lined up along roads in Wiltshire.

Organized crime gangs are said to be behind the activity - betting on dogs catching hares.

In a sinister new move, they have taken photos of hares lined along the edge of a road.

“This is a clear two fingers up to the police,” said Kruger. “There needs to be tougher laws, certainly on seizing the dogs involved.”

The MP’s call comes as the head of Wiltshire Police’s rural crime unit said the gangs are getting more organised.

Inspector Liz Coles said that officers had made significant advances in tackling the illegal sport, which sees people trespass on farmland to race dogs after hares.

But she added that criminals were “becoming more organised and determined”.

Ms Coles said: “Our message is clear, if we suspect anyone of hare coursing in Wiltshire, we will act and potentially seize their dogs.”